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Projinit’s key asset is knowledge. An asset that we leverage for your benefit through consultancy, on a project basis and via technical support.
However for your convenience, Projinit can also deliver this knowledge on a secondment basis. Projinit’s ICT-Staffing division is specialised in providing experienced and highly skilled professionals on any technology area, for any period that suits your requirements.

Projinit’s ICT-Staffing can provide you with a broad range of consultants, project managers, developers and support engineers.

Projinit has an extensive pool of permanent well-rounded and weathered consultants, which are qualified by training and hands-on experience. When you are short of hand in a project or you have a lack of knowledge on a particular area, Projinit ICT-Staffing can be of your assistance.

How we work

Our permanent team

Our recruitment team is constantly looking for IT talent.
Once a new employee joins our team we prepare them for their first project.    This could mean that our new consultant will need additional training or personal guidance throughout his/her first project.
All our employees receive a company car & fuel card for optimal flexibility on the project.
Our back-office is always on stand-by to solve small or larger issues once our employee is on a project.
Our personal contact with our team is one of our major strengths and makes our company a fun place to work for.
Many of our employees joined our team years ago and are growing as IT specialist through training, challenging projects & our personal coaching.

Our freelance team

Our network of highly skilled freelancers broadens our expertise.
Projinit’s recruitment team has build up a network of skilled freelance IT professionals who can help you with your project.
We always inform our clients if the candidate we propose is one of our permanent employees or a freelance consultant.
Each freelance candidate is screened intensively before forwarding him/her to our client.

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