IT Security is becoming more important, and more sophisticated, every day. You know that you need to safeguard your organisation’s data and ICT processes, but what are the best tools and practices? Projinit’s IT Security Consultancy service is here to help!

We advise both SMEs and large corporations, and the solutions we propose − hardware & software − come from well-respected manufacturers.

Just as we always do, we start by thinking along with you to identify your needs and goals, and then we provide you with a tailored solution.

You should also know that our Certified Data Protection Officers are ready to help your organisation implement the GDPR regulations − required by May 2018! − so that you achieve GDPR compliance.

In addition, you can call on us for Security Training − including security awareness training.


Benefits for your organisation:

Depending on your needs and requirements, Projinit can provide you with the following benefits:

• An overall risk assessment for your organisation
• The selection and implementation of the right security tools
• A substantial increase in your employees’ security awareness
• Continuous monitoring and assistance with incident/disaster recovery
• Assistance in attaining compliance with the highest security standards


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